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In early 2004, ZCAM Organizational Development Program (ZCAM ODP) was born at a funders luncheon hosted by the Frees Foundation.† More than ten foundation representatives attended and ultimately became the ZCAM ODP funders collaborative.

The ZCAM ODP collaborative invited applications from twenty ministries in the Houston Metropolitan area for three-year grants. Participating ministries receive the funding, training and nurturing needed to advance their operations, increase their impact and fill a critical need in Houstonís social services system.† This innovative nonprofit support program included a broad range of activities: technology improvements (hardware, software, web development, staff training); facility planning for renovation or new construction; financial management improvements; hiring new infrastructure staff (development director, volunteer coordinator); business plan development; fundraising consulting; board development; etc.

In the Katrina and Rita disasters, the ZCAM ODP ministries became one of the life lines for many hurricane evacuees. Without realizing it, the collaborative meeting in early 2004 had become one of the foundations for community recovery as bus loads of people suddenly descended into the Astrodome and George Brown Convention Center. For the first time, many of these Zip Code Ministries communicated with each other to balance the supply of available goods with refugee needs. Also, the funders were immediately available to provide additional financial support for the displaced New Orleans and Texas residents.

ZCAM thrift shops and food pantries became a life line following hurricane disasters

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