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2005 Grants

National Grants


76% (42 projects in all)

Houston 69% (38 projects)



International Grants


24% (13 projects)



Grant Focus

C.A.R.E., International - Atlanta, GA                                                                        

    (HIV/AIDS Program—Zambia, Africa/Food Crisis-Niger, Africa

        Asian Tsunami Relief Fund/Emergency Relief-Sudan, Africa)


Harris County Community Access Collaborative—Houston, TX                              

   (Health Care Initiative)


Pan American Health/Education Foundation—Washington, D.C.               

   (Stella Maris School of Nursing – Scholarships, Michoacan, Mexico)


Association for the Development of the Amazon - Annapolis, MD              

   (Masrour School - Capacity Building/Scholarships, Manaus, Brazil)


Greater Houston Community Foundation—Houston, TX                            

   (Zip Code Assistance Ministries-Organizational Development Collaborative)


Associated Catholic Charities—Houston, TX                                                           

   (St. Michael’s Home for Children/Frail Elderly Program/

      Emergency Fund Refugee Resettlement Program and Hurricane Survivors)


Bering Omega Community Services—Houston, TX                                                

   (Dental Clinic—HIV/AIDS)


Collaborative for Children – Houston, TX                                                     

   (Baby Basics/Hola Bebe Project)


ESCAPE Family Resource Center—Houston, TX                                                   

    (Child Abuse Prevention/Circle of Love—Grandparents Support)


New Hope Housing—Houston, TX                                                                           

    (Congress St. Transitional Housing)


Project Hope—Millwood, VA                                                                       

   (Dominican Republic Maternal-Child Health Clinic/

      Nursing Student Exchange Program)


Community Family Centers—Houston, TX                                                              

   (Early Childhood Learning Center)


Interfaith Caring Ministries—League City, TX                                                          

   (Operating Funds/Hurricane Katrina Emergency)


Turning Point Center—Houston, TX                                                                         

   (Homeless Elder Residential Program)


Houston Area Women’s Center - Houston, TX                                           

   (Child Counselor Salary)


Polus Center for Social & Economic Development - Worcester, MA                      

   (Prosthetics Clinic – Landmine Victims, Nicaragua & Honduras)


Project MEND - Houston, TX                                                                       

   (Medical Equipment - Disabled)


Memorial Assistance Ministries—Houston, TX                                            

   (Children’s Emergency Medical Needs/Hurricane Katrina Emergency)


Mercy Ships—Grand Valley, TX                                                                  

   (New Steps Program, Sierra Leone, Africa)


ArtBridge—Houston, TX                                                                               

   (Art Therapy—Homeless Children)


Donka, Inc.—Chicago, IL                                                                                         

   (Assistive Technology-Disabled, Operating Funds/

        Mobile Teacher Salary Match)


Northwest Assistance Ministries- Houston, TX                                            

   (Senior Housing Assistance)


American Lung Association—Houston, TX                                                              

   (Education Program)


Angela House—Houston, TX                                                                       

   (Direct Services-Women in Transition from Incarceration)


Atlanta Urban Ministries—Atlanta, GA                                                         

   (Emergency Aid for Homeless)


Center For Faith and Health Initiatives                                                        

   (VISTA Disaster Preparedness Project)


Child Advocates, Inc.—Houston, TX                                                                       

   (Multi-Cultural Outreach)         


Chinese Community Center – Houston, TX                                                             

   (Hurricane Katrina Emergency Fund)


Collaborative For Children - Houston, TX                                                                 

   (Pre-School For All Initiative)


Dress For Success—Houston, TX                                                                           

   (Welfare to Work Program)


End Hunger Network—Houston, TX                                                                         

   (Food Loop Program)


Houston Community Health Centers - Houston, TX                                    

   (Denver Harbor Clinic – Robert E. Johnson Foundation Match)


La Rosa Family Services—Houston, TX                                                      

   (Domestic Violence Prevention—Operating Funds)


Mental Health Association—Houston, TX                                                                

   (Behavioral Health Initiative)


The Monarch School—Houston, TX                                                                         

   (Children with Neurological/Learning Disabilities-Summer Camp)


Muscular Dystrophy Association—Houston, TX                                          

   (Summer Camp)


Solid Rock Community Development Corporation—Houston, TX               

   (Summer Camp)


Star of Hope—Houston, TX                                                                         

   (Work Net Project)


Sustainable Harvest International—Surry, ME                                            

   (Agricultural/Technical Assistance—Honduras, Central America)


Transylvania Library Foundation—Brevard, NC                                          

   (El Bibliobus Project/Hispanic Outreach)


University of Houston - Graduate School of Social Work—Houston, TX     

   (Scholarship for Spanish-Fluent Student—Gerontology)


Healthcare for the Homeless—Houston, TX                                                            

   (Electronic Medical Record Project)


United Way of the Gulf Coast—Houston, TX                                                           

   (Management Assistance Program)


Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation—Washington, DC                                  

   (Rehabilitation Landmine Victims—Ethiopia)

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