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Many people believe polio is no longer a health problem. In Sierra Leone, Africa, polio continues to disable people and serves as a potential point for reigniting this crippling disease throughout the rest of the world.

Mercy Ships addresses the needs of local populations in developing nations by integrating specialized surgeries on the hospital ships, healthcare services and sustainable community development.

The targeted goals in Africa for Mercy Ships New Steps Program is to expand services to include the disabled throughout all of the provincial districts of Sierra Leone. It has become increasingly apparent that the majority of disabled people living throughout the provinces are unable to receive even limited physical rehabilitation, or prosthetic/orthotic services that would aid them in regaining their mobility.

The Frees Foundation, in collaboration with Mercy Ships, has worked to provide new wheelchairs to disabled persons with physical handicaps in order to regain their mobility. Many of these disabled have been affected by ongoing polio and injuries received from warring groups in the fifteen districts comprising the Sierra Leone area (including Freetown). In addition, support for ongoing assessments and evaluations has been provided including the distribution of polio vaccine.

Shirley Frees making a site visit to the Caribbean Mercy, one of three hospital ships operated by Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships

Impacting a Community in Africa

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